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Mario Giachino
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Welcome to my website.

In these pages I would like to share my music and, when I can, its emotions with you. I would also like to share my ideas and receive your comments and criticisms.
In addition to presenting my music, I would also like to present the music that I love the most together with the friends who help me or are my inspiration in my musical adventure.
Mario Giachino
(mini) Biography

I was born in Cuneo in 1963. When I was young I attended the Music School for several years where I learnt the fundamentals of music and how to play the flute. I also taught myself the guitar, well enough at least to be able to spend an evening strumming with friends. In 1982 I obtained the school-leaving diploma from the Artistic High School.
My present profession is in the field of I.T. and computer networking, but outside my work, music is still my main interest.

What I do

I am not a professional musician and if you stay here you will soon realise this. For this reason I do not have to, nor do I want to, convince you of how good the music I write is (on the contrary!). I would simply like to present it to you in the hope that you will enjoy it.

The music published in these pages has all been written by myself and registered at the SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association). It can be downloaded free of charge and can be used freely on private and without-profit occasions (see the "conditions of use" page).

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