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Sailing to Byzantium
May 29, 2015 - Poems in music.

Yes, I choosed nine poems, nice and famous, and put them in music. Then I translated and adapted in Italian a very nice Joan Manuel Serrat song: Cada loco con su tema, Every madman with his horse. That's all. I know, it's a little job but it is my first songwriter job.
Oh! there's nothig to listen: who wants to sing that songs?

Oct 08, 2014 - A new web area for a new interest: rework the music to context other than that for which they were designed.

Let's start with a song as beautiful as complex: Le Roi Soleil, New Trolls, adapted for a 7 voices choir.
Download the score, try it and tell me what you think about it.

Carmina Cantabrigiensia
Dec 24, 2013 - The choir, the small chamber orchestra and many good medieval poems make up my new job.

Perhaps the Cambridge Songs were originally set to music, they could be sung but there is no trace of the original music.
I liked it and wanted to try to set them to music for choir accompanied by a small string orchestra. It is certainly worth reading, at least, the poems written a thousand years ago by the German-Rhenish goliards and stored at Cambridge.
There are no available records because it is virtually impossible for me to simulate the voices of the choir with acceptable results, but if someone decides to perform these songs, please send me the recordings and them will be published.

Mar 02, 2013 - Odyssey musical

A new album. After one year of silence I'm here, with a new job more more complete and more complex that I had done before. Nineteen songs trying to synthesize, in music, the story that Homer wrote almost three thousand years ago.
My first concept album.
Both the booklet and the book, with all scores, are available.

POI, Point Of Interest
Jun 28, 2012 - An interlocutory work, a research. Now available on iTunes

I committed this year's work researching for sounds that were new for me and now I'm satisfied. The search is completed. Now a short period of rest (settling), then I want to deal with new projects... we shall see. Meanwhile, the fruit of the work of the last year is also available on iTunes and other channels such as Amazon.
Thank you all for listening.

Alunni del Cielo
Apr 25, 2012 - A page for collect what remains to me of the choir Alunni del Cielo.

On a separate page I've collected all the material I've got regarding the period 1974-1981 of the choir Alunni del Cielo, hoping that disseminating it, it doesn't get lost. It's the last evidence of a unique and unrepeatable experience I'd the privilege to live during my youth, that, for sure, made my character and also influenced my music.

Follow me on SoundCloud
Apr 22, 2012 - Perhaps the largest community of musicians in the world, a bottomless well of ideas, innovations and good music.

For me it has been great discovery: SoundCloud is a community of musicians well-organized and packed full of good music. Now I'm there too. Anyone can register himself, who for share and who to listen. Register yourself and follow me on SoundCloud and have a look around you: you will surely find a lot of music that you will love, and many musicians, unknown but very talented.

Sounds from Vienna and Bratislava
Feb 11, 2012 -

I tryed to fix the good times I had in Vienna and Bratislava, where I started this year, with two songs. In the constantly evolving album POI (Point Of Interest) you'll find Passeggiata a Vienna, which aims to describe Vienna for the real environment that you can find outside of the tourists paths, and Slovak prayer, based on my recording of a real prayer in the St. Martin cathedral in Bratislava.

'2nd' is on iTune
Jan 08, 2012 - My third album, the second not classic, is available on iTunes and on other pages like Amazon.

Eventually I registered all my old works to the Italian Artists and Editors Society. Now all is registered and available on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms, so I can deal with my fourth album: POI.
Just returned from Vienna I wrote a small piece of impressions ... in a few days you will find it on this site. Stay tuned.

Riflessi by Giorgio Signorile
Feb 26, 2011 - The new CD Riflessi, by my friend the guitarist Giorgio Signorile, is now available. Songs that seem easy but they reveal a great skill, and a guitar that seems magical.

A very nice CD: I got it and I can't give up to listen it; definitively not to be missed.
Music composed by Giorgio and played by Giorgio, good for be listened or simply heard.
Riflessi is available also on iTunes.


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