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Friends and those I want to welcome to my site

Music has always been an excellent medium for friendship: only in a few very special cases has envy taken the place of reciprocal admiration. Usually, in addition to never missing an opportunity to play together, musicians swap views, opinions, suggestions and advice, with the main aim of creating new rhythms, melodies and harmonies from the mixture of varied experiences. Indeed, this is how musical styles were born.

Unfortunately, not all my friends have their own website and so some of them I can only quote or link to their Facebook profile.

The Liceo Artistico Ego Bianchi (arts high school) in Cuneo is the school which gave me my education and for some time now it has enriched its educational range by including music in its curriculum. A dear musical friend of mine works there: Fulvio Cioce. Together with Fulvio, guitarist, pianist and composer, I would also like to mention, from among my friends, Valerio Valerisce, from whom I was able to learn something when I was little, while he was recording the backing music for the Gli Alunni del Cielo choir with my father.

I worked with Giorgio Bolognese for a few years in the I.T. field. He is an eclectic composer and musician (an excellent piano, vibraphone and flute player) who makes music a reason for people to get together and often organizes special evenings, usually for charity, where he mixes Brazialian rhythms with jazz, tango with classical music...

I have been a friend of Giorgio Signorile's for not such a long time but I am learning a lot from him and I am appreciating his guitar compositions, more and more, thanks also to the concerts he gives and the books he publishes. If you have not done so yet, visit his website and you will understand what I mean.

Andrea Sarotto, a young, very active clarinet player makes good music with his trio (together with Luca Pannicciari on the cello and Elisa Ferrara on the piano) but he is also trying to teach my son Matteo to play the clarinet. Knowing as I do his pupil and observing the results, I consider him to be an excellent teacher with limitless patience.

Today the Cuneo Music School is called the G. F. Ghedini School but when it was still called the Bartolomeo Bruni School, it numbered me, too, among the students of Ubaldo Rosso and Claudio Montafia.

Meo Brondino and I wrote one of our first pieces. Who knows where that manuscript ended up (we used it at the wedding of a friend of ours, Manuela). I am envious of Meo's job: he is an organ maker in the famous Vegezzi-Bossi firm of which he is a partner.

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